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Keeping Perspective When Working On Your Relationships

When I first married a woman who already had kids, I was really concerned about how they would respond to me. I didn't want to make them feel like I was taking their father's place, but at the same time, I needed them to recognize me as an authority figure. Fortunately, my new wife recommended counseling in order to strengthen our bond as a family, and it really helped. This blog is packed with informational articles about improving relationships and family, and I know that some of the information listed here could help your situation. Read more to find out about building your relationships with your new kids.


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Three Unique Ways To Incorporate Eco-Friendly Practices Into Your Loved One's Funeral

Eco-friendly funerals offer a way for families to honor their loved ones while having a better impact on the environment. Bio-degradable caskets and urns are an option, but there are even more ways you can create an environmentally conscious funeral for your dearly departed. Here are three ways you can incorporate eco-friendly options into virtually every aspect of the funeral.

Car Pooling

Instead of opting for a long funeral procession in which each family member drives to the graveside service, consider planning a car pool to save on fuel consumption. You can make arrangements with a green limo service that uses hybrid or electric vehicles to transport everyone from the funeral home to the cemetery. If you have out-of-town visitors attending the funeral, you can also arrange for the limo company to pick up these guests from the hotel and bring them back after the funeral is over. If hiring a limo company is out of your price range, you can make arrangements with your friends and family to consolidate the number of vehicles that will be used to transport people to each venue for the funeral.

Locally-Grown Floral Arrangements

Locally-grown flowers offer a benefit to the environment because they do not have to be transported long distances by truck or airplane. Work with a local florist to ensure that the flowers you select are from nearby suppliers. You can also use flowers from your own garden to create simple yet beautiful arrangements. If your loved one has requested to have no flowers present at the funeral, you can recommend that guests make a donation to a local conservation charity instead of sending floral arrangements to the funeral home.

Forego The Funeral Home Service

If you are already planning on having a graveside service, consider skipping the wake or funeral service at the funeral home. Instead, arrange with your funeral director to find an outdoor setting near the grave where guests can gather and remember your loved one. The cemetery may have a memorial garden or outdoor pavilion that can be used for an outdoor gathering. This option can save you a bit of money, as you won't have to rent the room at the funeral home, and it also brings a beautiful nature setting to the day's services.

Work with your funeral home to incorporate as many eco-friendly ideas into the funeral as possible. Whether your loved one was a conservationist or you are just concerned about your impact on the environment, these options can serve to create a positive way to remember your friend or family member. Contact a venue, such as the Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home, for more information.