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Ideas For A Classy Sailor Moon Wedding

While weddings were once extremely traditional affairs, many people have begun to bring their own personal flair and interests into them. After all, a wedding is all about the bride and groom, so there's no harm in highlighting what makes them special. Many women have begun to look back to Sailor Moon, a manga and anime from the 1990s that's recently seeing a resurgence as a great theme for a wedding. Since the series revolves around the power of women, love, and friendship, it's a wonderful choice for a bride. Here's how you can incorporate Sailor Moon themes into your wedding while still keeping it a classy affair.

Sailor Moon Touches For The Bride

If you're a dedicated Sailor Moon fan, it's entirely possible to replicate one of Sailor Moon's own wedding dresses. Between the show and the manga, she appeared in several different versions of wedding gowns, ball gowns, and even a Princess gown that would make for appropriate wedding gowns.

However, if you want your dress to reference Sailor Moon but be a bit more subtle about it, here are a few ideas:

  • Focus on the Fuku - Sailor Moon's uniform, or fuku, has many accents that would look beautiful on a wedding dress. For example, in her Super form, her gradient dip-dyed skirt and long, flowing rear bow could be easily added to a wedding gown to create that special Sailor Moon flare.
  • Jewelry - Sailor Moon has a few signature colors in her uniform that you can incorporate into your wedding jewelry. For example, a blue necklace to match her collar, and a red gem in your tiara to match hers. You could also choose pearls, which is her birthstone.
  • Flowers - Choosing a gown that has embroidered or patterned roses or lotus blossoms is another subtle way to show your love for the series. Roses are often used as the symbol of love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, and her Silver Crystal takes on the form of a lotus blossom.


Another idea to bring the Sailor Moon theme into your wedding is to invite your bridesmaids to follow the theme as well. Sailor Moon's guardians are all unique characters with their own traits, like Sailor Jupiter's strength or Sailor Mercury's brilliant mind. If your friends are fond of Sailor Moon, they may enjoy choosing a Sailor Guardian to base their bridesmaid appearance on.

How far you take it is entirely up to you and your bridesmaids. Each of the Sailor Guardians have their own Princess forms, which could make for beautiful bridesmaid gowns. But if you'd rather keep it more subtle, incorporating their signature colors or even their hairstyles could be a nice way to give the series a nod.

Sailor Moon is a series that has touched the lives of many people. If it's meaningful to you, try these ideas to highlight it during your important day.

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