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Keeping Perspective When Working On Your Relationships

When I first married a woman who already had kids, I was really concerned about how they would respond to me. I didn't want to make them feel like I was taking their father's place, but at the same time, I needed them to recognize me as an authority figure. Fortunately, my new wife recommended counseling in order to strengthen our bond as a family, and it really helped. This blog is packed with informational articles about improving relationships and family, and I know that some of the information listed here could help your situation. Read more to find out about building your relationships with your new kids.


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Changing Your Mind About Placing Your Baby For Adoption

It is estimated that more than 18,000 newborn children are adopted in the U.S. each year. However in the midst of successfully executed adoptions, like the one you may be preparing for, it is possible that you may change your mind about going through with the adoption process. While it is suggested by agencies that there are few birth parents who change their minds once a placement has been made (figures ranging from 1 per 45 adoptions to 4 in 940 cases), it has however been recognized, that as a birth parent you are quite likely to change your mind before the final placement of your baby.

So if you are considering adoption, here are a few things to keep in mind to help make the process of changing your mind easier on you and the legal system. 

Research is key

It is estimated that there are approximately 36 couples awaiting their chance of adopting for every 1 child that has been adopted. This means that your baby can find a proper home should you decide to place him or her for adoption. However, not every agency or lawyer might approach the possibility of adoption in an ethical manner and sometimes changing your mind can then lead to you becoming exposed to threats, guilt trips and coercive tactics. 

To prevent this, it is important that you find an agency that deals in fully open adoptions and that provides counseling that can assist you in exploring all avenues in both placing your baby for adoption and keeping your baby. You should also examine their history of lawsuits and complaints that may have been lodged against them by other birth mothers. Finally, try to avoid accepting money as this can make the process of changing your mind, harder to do.

Timing is essential

The process of deciding on adoption placement of your baby is an emotional and often difficult one and can actually sometimes take the entire 9 months of your pregnancy. As a result of this, it is recommended that you delay your final decision on this important matter until the second or third trimester. This is because your initial reaction during the first 3 months of pregnancy, where you may think that you cannot keep your child for whatever reasons, may not last and you may want to keep the baby the closer you get to delivery.

This time may be a good time to discuss the matter with those who are important influences in your life, such as the birth father, close friends or family members. However, while you delay that final decision, it is important that you do not sign any contracts as that decision may be irrevocable or illegal (in 48 states), depending on the state in which you live. 

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